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Quebec, CANADA
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StanceDubs was established in 2012 by owner David Arendt. It was based on his passion for modifying and tuning European cars.�


David's love of Volkswagens started at the early age of 16. He had no idea at the time that his first car�a 97 Jetta Trek�would become his award-winning prized possession.�

In his early 20s, David became more and more fascinated by Volkswagen mechanics and would work on cars out of a makeshift garage he set up at his parents' company. After working at his construction day job (sometimes pulling well over 12-hour shifts), he'd spend the rest of his evening and nights working on cars for his family and friends. This fascination soon turned to passion and with the support of his family and friends, David left his construction job behind and embarked on his new venture.

He quickly turned�passion into success achieving numerous awards and trophies for his innovation and creativity. His biggest achievement came in 2011, when his car was selected as one of the top 10 cars for the "TOP DAWG" category at the H2O International car show in Maryland. David's success grew�after having been�spotted by renowned photographer and european car enthusiast Sam Dubbins, which led to a feature spread in an issue of PVW Magazine in july of 2012.

Now in his 30s, David continues to reach new heights - just check out his new A3 project car and see for yourself.

If you are looking for innovation, honesty and reliability, Performance StanceDubs is the place you need.

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